Vivian Moroney

Vivian Moroney with Leo

Leo came into my life in September 2006. At the time I was just getting over thyroid cancer and Leo formed a major part of my get well therapy.
Leo is what I have called my “homemade” warmblood as he is by a Percheron stallion out of a thoroughbred mare.
Leo proved to have a fantastic trainable temperament and with the assistance of Charlotte and Kylie, he has come much further in his education than any of us thought possible when he arrived.
Unfortunately this wonderful work ethic under saddle, does not always extend into his handling on the ground, where he is deservedly often described as “grumpy”.
You can see in the photo that there is a bandage on my left index finger, where he bit off and – we think – ate my finger tip; and this despite receiving five meals a day, with all vitamins and supplements!